Posted on 11-01-2021 06:56 PM

What is the service for?

Prooflink.me service allows you to generate proof links, the so-called proof link. If the link is not enough for some reason, you can generate a proof screen.

The peculiarity of these screenshots is that the user who posts it indicates to the service only a link, and does not have the ability to edit the image. There is also no way to change or distort the display.

For example, we saw an error on the site that will be fixed or removed, but using the prooflink.me service, we can save it for history.

Also, for history, you can save for example doodles

Prooflink.me can be used as a link shortening service. Any long link can be replaced with a short one like http://prooflink.me/xxxxxxxx which can be placed on any resource.

Vasya: is it true that if you clean the carotid artery from cholesterol plaques, this can get rid of hypertension? give proof!
Vova: http://fakty.ua/180403-viktor-chernyak-esli-pochistit-ot-holesterinovyh-blyashek-sonnuyu-arteriyu-eto-ne-tolko-predotvratit-insult-no-i-mozhet-izbavit-ot- gipertonii
Fedya: Vova, who gives such proof ??? that's how it should be! http://prooflink.me/ccccccc0

Screenshot generation instructions

Follow the link "Create ProofScreen"

In the URL field, set the full link to the resource page that you want to fix.

You can only fix public pages that do not require user authorization and are available through the specified link for any visitor.

Wait for the page screenshot to be generated. If the screenshot was generated normally, provide a name and description, and click the "publish" button

After the screenshot is published, it is no longer possible to change the description, name or link.

Copy the link and place on any resources

Link shortening instructions

Go to the link shortening page

 Enter a long link in the URL field, click "Create link", get a short link 

To use the service for generating short links in automatic mode, you can follow the link:


The response will be JSON in the format:

            "error": false,
            "link": "http: \ / \ / prooflink.me \ / ccccccck"

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Service for creating full-size screenshots of a website page online. Our service allows you to take a screenshot of the entire website page.